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Where are you located?
I get asked this question the most because of my company name. Although I am based in Central Connecticut, I travel often to NYC. I actually quite enjoy traveling and will happily do destination shoots/events.

So why "5 Boroughs Photography"?
Those who know me well aren't suprised by my choice of name. But let me explain it: When I decided to "go pro" I wanted a name that stood out from all the other photographers who go with thier names. Speaking from a business standpoint, I also thought going with a number would keep me at the front of advertisement lists. That's when 5 Boroughs hit me. It's the place I professionally trained, where I'm most inspired, and it's where my heart is. It made total sense to name the company after NYC.

How did you get started?
My love affair with photography started in the 80's with my very first camera, a purple Le Clic. Photography has come a long way since then, and thankfully, so has my skills... not to mention my camera!

What kind of photography do you do?
I see the beauty in anything, and therefor photograph anything. What I find I enjoy the most, though, is fashion type photography. This means a lot of my shoots have a more "magazine ad" feel, whether it's bridal or babies!

What are your prices?
This question dosen't have one specific answer. I certainly wouldn't charge the same price for a small Town Hall wedding as a 300 guest gala with 12 wedding attendents! Obviously the more work involved on my end comes with a higher price tag. But you'll find me very reasonable, as I happily work to fit into YOUR budget.

Where can I see samples of your work?
Right here! Above this box, you'll see pictures that people "voted" thier favorites by clicking on the thumbs up symbol found on every picture. Below, my pictures are listed into galleries, and in each gallery you'll find samples. I'm also on Facebook, come follow me and see what I'm up to!

How many photographers do you have working for you?
To keep my costs at a minimum to you, I don't keep photographers on staff. But I do work with a select group of freelance photographers whom I admire thier work. Therefore, you'll always get great shots, whether you want to hire one photographer or seven!

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